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How To Become A Singer: 5 Things You Should Do Now, And 3 Things You Should Never Do

A good singer can send chills up and down your spine. A good singer can command a hefty paycheck if well established. Have you dreamed of pursuing a career in singing? Many people long for the same dream, but somehow fail at it. So, if you are among those wondering how to become a singer, what can you do to get on the right path to even becoming a fantastic one? The answer is many fold, but here are five tips you can use today to head in the right direction.

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Step 1: Planning

how to become a singerMake a plan. Research how others have reached the point you want to be. Yes, there may be luck and lucky breaks involved. But if you simply sit around wishing, you definitely will not go anywhere. A lot of success has to do with having a winning mindset. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Step 2: Take Private Singing Lessons Or An Online Singing Course

Everybody can sing. Unfortunately, not everyone can sing well. With the proper training though, a mediocre singer can become great. This is where the key to answering the question of how to become a singer comes in: taking singing lessons. A good teacher will show you how to best utilize your voice, how to breath properly, sing on key, and correct poor singing habits before they do damage. To find singing instructors in your area, do a search online using your zip code, or if you know anyone that is taking lessons now, ask them for a recommendation. If you feel you are too shy to sing even in front of a voice teacher, there are plenty of very good online singing courses that allow you to work on singing lessons at your own pace, and in the privacy of your home.

Step 3: Just Do It!

Once you get some basics of singing down, get out and sing. There is no better way to become a great singer than to do it. Join a choir. Participate in open mic events. Join a band. The point is to get singing, especially in front of people. Interested in knowing how to become a singer is a good start, and singing in the shower is a nice step, but you will never go anywhere doing those things exclusively. Again, if you feel you are too shy, go to events anyway and see if anyone would be interested in singing together; sometimes it’s easier if you feel the spotlight isn’t completely on you.

Step 4: How Are You Doing?

Get feedback. You can out and out ask people what they think, and you may get some straight answers, but most likely people will give you the “you sounded great” line. Ask for honest opinions; tell people you really want to know where you can improve. Another good tool is to record yourself singing. Many times you don’t completely know how you sound, and you may be surprised by how good you really have become. Be totally honest with yourself though so you hear where you can improve.

Step 5: Don’t Ever Give Up

Keep at it. Sometimes it may feel like you are going nowhere. That’s most likely the time you are about to turn a corner. Your big break may be waiting out in the audience of an open mic: you never know!

Vocal Pitfalls To Avoid

Just as there are ways to get you on the right path to being a great singer, there are ways to really throw things in the wrong direction. Therefore, another part of the answer to the question of how to become a singer actually lies in understanding how to avoid stopping yourself from becoming a singer. Consider these three no-no’s.

Not Warming Up Before Singing

This is where a vocal coach or online singing course can really help. The proper singing warm up exercises will prevent you from straining your vocal cords, or other harm to yourself. Just as a good athlete warms up their body, so should you.

Not Taking Care Of Your Voice

Quit smoking. Smoking damages your throat and decreases your lung capacity. You will find you do not have enough wind to sing well, and your throat will hurt. Same goes with alcohol; limit your intake as much as you can.

Thinking You Don’t Have To Practice

Especially in the beginning, singing practice is key to developing a great voice. Set aside time daily to do voice exercises and singing. If you don’t, you really can’t expect to progress much.

For the most part, great singers are not born, they are made. Learning how to become a singer is not that complicated. By following a few simple pieces of advice, you too can become an outstanding singer.

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