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PitchPerfector Review

Reviewer: Ella Smith
Rating: Four and a Half Stars
Website Reviewed: PitchPerfector Website

PitchPerfector Voice Training System

Are you looking for a firsthand Pitchperfector review written by someone who has used the program? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. You most probably found yourself here because you have heard how great Pitchperfector is but you want to know more. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. Below is everything you need to know about Pitchperfector from the definition, who is the program for and the individual/s behind the program to the good and bad and so much more.

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Who Is The Program For?

As the name suggests, Pitchperfector addresses a very common problem among aspiring singers which is pitch problems. Singing in public can be very embarrassing when you sing off pitch. The problem lies in the fact that most people can’t be able to tell if they are singing on or off pitch. This is mainly because you can’t be able to hear yourself properly when singing in public. Pitchperfector was made to address this problem. Let’s get into more detail about what is Pitchperfector is.

Definition: Pitchperfector

In my own understanding, Pitchperfector is a singing course that teaches anyone interested in singing how to sing and most importantly, how to control pitch in a record 10 minutes. The course is composed of a training plan featuring drone tones and a vocal training program. The program has tonnes of useful information on how to gain professional singing ability. You also get to learn priceless pitch control secrets which come in handy when you want to become a pro singer.

Rundown Summary

The program contains:

  1. Real-time voice analysis tools
  2. 12+ training patterns
  3. A Fundamental signing course
  4. Private sessions
  5. Membership forum
  6. Expert support
  7. 30 day money back guarantee

Who Is Behind The Program?

Pitchperfector is by Stephen Pierce, a renowned software engineer with over 2 decades of programming experience and immense music industry knowledge. Pierce has spent many years researching on ways to deal with singing pitch problems before coming up with Pitchperfector. There is therefore no doubt that Stephen Pierce knew exactly what he was doing when he was making Pitchperfector. This is precisely why the program is the best of its kind.

How Pitchperfector Works?

Pitchperfector works by assessing your current singing pitch problems and crafting a solution for you by utilising a number of resources including software. By the end of the program, you will be able to improve your vocal pitch avoiding embarrassing off pitch singing moments. The course will also give you confidence to sing to the best of your ability. You will start getting numerous complements about your singing like I did. You will also get more invitations helping you to go pro and earn more money from your talent.

Advantages Of Pitchperfector

  • Extremely effective for pitch problem: First and foremost, the program is super effective in teaching you how to control your pitch. Out of all the singing courses I have come across, there is no singing course that addresses the pitch problem like Pitchperfector. That’s not all. The program works for all ages.
  • The course offers value for money: Unlike most singing courses which cost over $100, Pitchperfector standard costs $47 only but offers more value for money. You also have an option to purchase Pitchperfector premium which costs $67 for more resources. It doesn’t get cheaper than this when it comes to effective singing programs online. In my own opinion, most cheap singing programs online aren’t effective.
  • The course works fast: Although I doubted the speed at which Pierce claimed the program offered results, I noticed an improvement in my pitch almost immediately.
  • The course is conclusive: I also loved the fact that the course addresses all aspects of becoming a pro signer on top of addressing pitch problems. The course has training audios, videos and manuals which tell you everything you need to know about perfecting your singing.
  • Great customer support: Pitchperfector also comes with great customer support. Pierce’s ultimate goal isn’t selling the program to you. This is precisely why he makes it a point to answer every single question that you may have after buying the program. Unlike other singing programs, you won’t be left stranded in case of anything after making your purchase. You can contact Pierce via email anytime.


Many people who have bought Pitchperfector agree that the program is the best of its kind. However, there are some notable cons on the speed at which the program works. Although you will experience some pitch improvement almost immediately after trying the program, it takes more time to perfect your pitch.


In summary, it doesn’t get better than Pitchperfector when it comes to the best singing program for perfecting your pitch and overall singing. Considering the program is effective, affordable and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, Pitchperfector is definitely a strong buy.

PitchPerfector Voice Training System

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