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Superior Singing Method Review

Reviewer: Brian King
Rating: Five Stars
Website Reviewed: Superior Singing Method Website

Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method or SSM is a program that teaches people how to sing. If you are one of those people who love singing and you want to become a better singer, this program is perfect for you. I have bought very many singing programs online however, none of those programs work as effectively as the SSM program.

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The Superior Singing Method program helps you become a better singer in many ways i.e. helps you improve your voice quality, teaches you how to breathe etc. The only thing you need is passion. It doesn’t matter if you know how to sing or not. This program will be extremely useful for the novice and seasoned singer. I knew very little about singing when I bought the SSM program. I was however determined to learn and become a pro singer. That’s all you need with this program. If you are interested in a firsthand SSM review, look no further. Let’s take a closer look at the program review below to understand why the program is super effective for everyone.

What Is SSM Or Superior Singing Method?

The SSM program is simply a collection of many singing tips, tools, exercises and video tutorials used by over 10,000 people including pro singers, music artists as well as beginners to improve and/or perfect their singing ability. It is also important to note that the program transforms you into a pro singer in record time i.e. 60 days regardless of your singing skills or level. It worked for me so it should work for you to.

Who Is behind Superior Singing Method?

Since it’s already evident that the SSM program is amazing from the above information, let’s now turn out attention to who is behind the program to see whether the program is truly amazing. You would expect the best singing program to be prepared by a professional singer. This isn’t the case. You shouldn’t however be fast to dismiss the program before you finish reading this. Superior Singing Method is by Aaron Anastasi. Although Aaron wasn’t born a great singer, he had great desire to become one. Aaron had a small vocal range and poor pitch. He was however determined to sing which lead him to explore his options relentlessly. His breakthrough came when he discovered he could transform his voice naturally after countless hours of research. Aaron studied everything about the human voice and the relationship between voice and other body parts. He also learnt the role of muscle tissues in voice/singing. After gathering and utilizing all these information, Aaron enjoyed a significant improvement in his singing ability. Many people noticed the improvement prompting him to share his findings by creating the Superior Singing Method capable of helping everyone to learn how to sing like pro singers regardless of a person’s age, gender or singing ability.

Why Does SSM Stand Out And What Is In The Program?

One of the main differences between SSM and other singing programs lies in the fact that the program has been tested on over 10,000 people including myself and proven to work. It’s important to note that the program is divided into eight different modules. Below is a list and brief discussion of each of these modules. Each module has 6 lessons.

  1. Unique vocal warm-up exercise module: This module acts as the foundation to the whole program since it teaches you how to improve your voice rapidly via exercise and food.
  2. Breath management module: This module teaches you how to control your breathing while singing i.e. singing with great control or correcting your singing.
  3. Mastering vocal tune module: This module explains to you how to eliminate nasality which automatically takes your voice to the next level.
  4. Improving pitch module: This module teaches you how to develop/improve your pitch.
  5. Resonance &singing with power module: This module contains exercises which take your resonance to the next level. After going through this level, you will also be able to become a powerful singer.
  6. Mix voice & singing with power: This module addresses note problems i.e. if you have problems hitting high notes, this module teaches you how to perfectly mix voice as well as sing with high/higher notes.
  7. Improving vocal agility module: This module teaches you how move from higher to lower notes without changing pitch.
  8. Advanced strengthening & vocal techniques module: As the name suggests, this module contains advanced vocal strategies which teach you the best techniques for leveling up your singing.

Bonuses Modules

The SSM program also comes with bonus modules. They include;

  1. Performing module: This module teaches you everything you need to know about performing i.e. how to prepare for a performance, overcoming stage fright, how to dress etc.
  2. Music marketing module: This bonus module teaches you everything you need to know about music marketing from making music and creating a community to branding and booking shows.
  3. Superior singing manual: A summary of everything you need to know about singing.


From the above information, it’s clear why the SSM program is among the top notch singing programs online today. According to numerous customer reviews, the program works as promised. Customer reviews also recognize the program’s superior step by step approach which is the best when teaching people how to sing. When you consider other factors such as affordable pricing, useful bonuses and a 2 month money back guarantee, it’s easy to see why the program is popular. After spending a lot of money looking for the best singing program online, I am glad I found the Superior Singing Method program. I highly recommend the SSM program.

superior singing method

Superior Singing Method

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