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The Pure Pitch Method Review

Reviewer: George Cruise
Rating: Five Stars
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the pure pitch methodFor quite a long time many of the celebrated musicians and composers the world has ever known have been relying on a well-guarded secret weapon. The unfortunate thing in all this is the fact that this ability is inherent in all of us. In the music fraternity it is called “pitch recognition” and is divided into 2 categories; absolute pitch and relative pitch. The former simply refers to an ability to listen to a music note and name it accurately. While the latter is the ability to listen and understand the relationship between one note and another.

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Pitch Recognition Is Prerequisite In High Flight Music

Most accomplished music professionals are unanimous that an excellent sense of pitch is what separates mediocre musicians from the masters. According to recent research only about 10% of students in the top music institutions have mastered absolute pitch. While most symphony orchestras comprise of only 20% to 40% musicians who have absolute pitch.

Sadly, many musical courses currently available in the market refuse to teach absolute pitch, claiming that it is an inborn skill. Although when it comes to relative pitch, most experts deem it a learnable ability, especially by mastering a musical instrument. But only after practicing for a considerable period of time. The few schools that teach absolute pitch use an abstract approach that usually limits the potential of the students. And this is where the pure pitch method comes into play. You may think of this article as the pure pitch method review that will banish all misconceptions about pitch recognition.

Enter The Pure Pitch Method!

To begin, this technique follows a highly logical approach that effectively sets it apart from the rest of the pack. Most similar courses are normally based on making the students go over listening exercises for a given period of time to master absolute pitch. But this is a rather flawed technique as learning this skill is a gradual process, where the student goes from strength to strength, making improvements as they progress.

The pure pitch method is also markedly different from other similar alternatives in that it focuses on teaching both absolute and relative pitch at the same time. This is because you cannot possible master absolute pitch without having a good working knowledge of relative pitch. Been conversant with the latter will enable you to familiarize yourself with musical notes in general.

The Pure Pitch Method And Audition

The pure pitch course utilizes a revolutionary approach to ear training. Which comprises of the right exercises that impart the art of both absolute and relative pitch simultaneously. It makes use of a technique that its creator labels as “audition”, which permits students to learn how to identify music notes mentally and accurately connect them with their given names.

39 Daily Lessons

In essence this course develops the inner ear, enabling you to visualize sounds in your mind. In this regard the pure pitch method is considered to be the quickest and hassle-free mode of imbibing pitch recognition. Most students are able to hear notes by the ear just within the very first lesson. This course covers 39 daily lessons that involve exercises that have been designed to comprehensively develop the inner ear. As well as give the students a mastery of both absolute and relative pitch with a remarkable ease. Not only will you be in a position to identify any note by ear, but you will also be able to effortlessly make out any musical interval or common chord. The best thing about the pure pitch method is you will not be required to read music or learn any musical theory. Instead you will be taught all the basics within the 39 lessons.

What Benefits Do You Stand To Gain With The Pure Pitch Method?

All in all, this course can be just what you need to take your musical prowess to the next level. Some of the notable benefits you stand to access through it include:

  • Learning how to identify any note or chord by ear.
  • Playing your favorite tunes by ear.
  • Singing any note from memory without a pitch pipe.
  • Making out the key signature of any song by ear.
  • Compose songs or melodies mentally.
  • Hear sheet music mentally as you read it.

The pure pitch method has been able to assist numerous musicians up their game, and you will certainly benefit from it. To make things even better, it comes with a 2 months 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with it.

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