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How To Sing Rock: 5 Tips That Will Have You Sing Like A Rock Star In No Time

Some of the most powerful singing voices belong to today’s rock stars. You may have thought that opera singers had the edge, but the range, power, and vocal gymnastics exhibited by the likes of Steven Tyler, Dave Grohl, and Freddy Mercury is very hard to beat. To be able to drive a band, perform for an audience, and sing in the range exhibited in most rock songs takes a very practiced and developed voice. This type of singing expertise does not happen overnight, but nearly anyone that has the drive and ambition can approach this level eventually. If you are ever wondering how to sing rock songs, here are five common practices good rock vocalists follow to get to this point in their singing abilities and then maintain that level.

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how to sing rockTo have the range and power required to front a rock band well requires the vocalist to have extraordinary breath control. Singing from the diaphragm is a must. You simply cannot hold high notes, or low notes for that matter if you are trying to sing from the throat or nose. A good voice teacher will show you exercises you can perform to be aware that you are singing from the diaphragm correctly, and how to improve in this area. Similarly, a quality online singing course will contain breathing exercises to strengthen this ability. As a side note, it is highly recommended for serious voice students that they quit smoking.

Warming Up

Singing warm up exercises assure that you will not strain your vocal cords. This is especially necessary in rock music; ranges are wider and higher, and singing must be loud and powerful to compete with the intensity and sheer volume of the rest of the band. True, you can always turn the microphone up, but a weak voice will come through as it is: weak.


Good posture while singing will extend your range by keeping the lungs and vocal cords from being compressed and compromising their full potential. It is best to stand upright as much as possible. This may be hard to maintain especially during concerts where it is expected that a front man or woman singer will perform both vocally and physically, but this tip can for sure be followed in practice.


Another important part of the answer to the question of how to sing rock music lies in the singer’s confidence. It goes without saying that most premier rock vocalists have huge egos. This may be a lot of show, but it is very necessary to believe in yourself. Rock singing requires power; and a large part of that power comes from confidence. : knowing that you can hit a note, not being timid in the least. Confidence is gained by a lot of practice and getting out and doing it. Follow the exercises provided by a vocal coach or online singing courses faithfully, and sing as much as you can at open mics if not in a band currently.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Remember the old joke: “how do I get to Carnegie Hall? Lots and lots of practice”? This is also true with the question of how to sing rock music. Touched on in point 4, practice with a band as much as possible, (warming up each time of course). If you are not in a band, get out to an open mic and sit in, or go to karaoke nights and belt out rock hits. Practice your breathing exercises and scales boring though they may be. A great singing voice doesn’t come from simply wishing for it. It takes lots and lots of practice!

All of the above points contribute to a good answer to the question of how to sing rock. They are a great jumping off point to becoming a great rock singer. A suitable vocal coach is highly recommended to give you exercises and keep you from forming bad singing habits or stop and hopefully reverse any you may have already. Another option is to take advantage of an online or package singing course. These contain many good exercises with lots of examples to get you headed in the right direction. Of course the only drawback is the absence of an experienced coach or teacher to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

Rock music is a very powerful musical medium and a lot of that has to do with the energy and power delivered by a well trained and practiced rock singer. If you wish to join this elite group, start today by following these tips and getting out and singing!

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