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Singing Lessons For Kids: What Exactly Should You Be Looking For?

Do you notice your child breaking into song or singing along with the radio frequently? Does he or she show an aptitude for it? Perhaps you’ve noticed that they are quite good, or at least can carry a tune quite well. If this is the case, you may want to see if the child is interested in going further and taking singing lessons for kids. Many children are excited by this prospect and are very willing to develop their talent. How do you go about finding a suitable teacher? One that will help your kid develop their singing voice without crushing their spirit.

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How Do You Find A Good Vocal Teacher For Your Child?

singing lessons for kidsFinding a good teacher can start with simply networking with other parents that have had their children take singing lessons for kids. Ask questions such as: was the teacher patient? Did their children seem to like the teacher, and were the lessons successful.

Another good source of information is through the school district in your area. Often times, the directors of school musicals or choirs can suggest a private voice teacher that they have had success with in the past. Once you get a suggestion, you can ask other parents whose children have had experience with this voice teacher their thoughts pro or con about the lessons. In addition, there may be testimonials online. A simple search may turn up some valuable information.

What If My Kid Can’t Sing?

What about lessons for a child that has expressed a desire to sing, but hasn’t shown any aptitude for it? What if the kid can’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow? Luckily there is hope; especially if you start him or her in singing lessons for kids early to catch and correct bad habits before they are too hard to unlearn. Pitch can be taught, and the rest is simply mechanics. A good teacher can work wonders with any child, and this is why it is so important to do your homework when researching and selecting a voice teacher.

Different Teachers For Different Styles Of Music

Does your child have a specific type of music they are interested in learning? Perhaps they want to try out for musicals in school or sing rock or pop tunes. And believe it or not, some kids may have heard and are really interested in singing opera! These different types of music have specific requirements for training the voice. You will want to have a good idea of the musical style your child is interested in while you are searching for an instructor; ask if they have experience teaching kids in the particular style.

How About Group Singing Lessons?

There are other routes to vocal instruction besides a private teacher as well. Simply putting your child in a church choir is a good way to get them started singing with a group. Many times children learn very well by osmosis. Group lessons for kids through the school district are another option. Both these methods have the advantage of being much less expensive than a private teacher.

Are Online Singing Lessons For Kids Any Good?

Online singing lessons and courses are becoming extremely popular with both adults and children that want to improve their voices for a couple reasons:

Online singing lessons are far less expensive than a private teacher. Typically you purchase software or a course and you are done paying; it’s not a monthly bill.
Online singing lessons allow the student freedom. Once the program is purchased, the lessons can happen anytime at the student’s leisure.

Families can learn together. A child may be more apt to learn and practice if a parent or sibling is learning at the same time.

There are disadvantages to online singing lessons though, namely if a bad singing habit is introduced, it may be all but impossible to correct at a later date; and unfortunately damage to the vocal cords may be a result.

If you are interested in checking out a couple online singing courses, meet folks have had good success with Singorama, and Brett Manning’s Singing Success. Take a look at those or simply search for online singing lessons for kids.

Singing is a great way for your kids to express themselves creatively. Being able to sing well is a talent that just about everyone would like to posses. Getting your children into singing lessons for kids at an early age, while they are soaking up information like a sponge, and before they can develop bad habits that may be hard to break later is a highly recommended way to get there.

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