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Top 5 of the Best Vocal Lessons in Los Angeles

Do you have plans of improving your singing voice? If so, then you may want to consider taking vocal lessons. With the help of a professional vocal coach or voice teacher, you will be able to diagnose your problems in how you produce sounds and learn effective techniques to improve become a better singer. You need to find a good teacher who can develop you in such a way that is applicable to your particular style and voice type.

Those who live in Los Angeles can find a number of independent voice instructors who can help aspiring singers attain massive success in the music industry. Moreover, these vocal coaches have reached the pinnacle of their singing careers, as well as garnered professional relationships and affiliations with popular bands, progressive recording studios, talent agencies and renowned recording artists.

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vocal lessons los angelesIf you want to live your dreams of developing your vocal talents, then this list of recommended vocal lessons in Los Angeles can serve as a great place to begin your search.

California Music Academy

At this music school, voice instructors prepare learners for their public performances by teaching basic techniques in developing their vocal abilities. For instance, students learn more about the proper stage etiquette such as posture, stage presence and controlled breathing. Additionally, students can obtain the following benefits such as:

  • Gain confidence in singing
  • Learn how to sing on key
  • Recognize the right pitch and notes they sing

It is also important to note that the CMA requires all learners to take piano lessons while taking voice lessons, so they can read notes quickly and maintain proper intonation. As one of the best vocal lessons in Los Angeles, the academy takes pride in its lineup of voice teachers that are professional performers and pianists that hail from well-known institutions such as the Julliard School of Music. For those who prefer to have private lessons, the academy offers in-home voice lessons, specifically for those who live in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West LA.

Hollywood Academy of Music

For those who live in areas such as the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles Region, the Hollywood Academy of Music is an excellent option to take vocal lessons. The academy offers group or individual lessons for students of all ages and levels. Some of the benefits of studying at the Hollywood Academy of Music are:

  • Become trained by professional and experienced vocal coaches
  • Improve their range based on their chosen music genre
  • Develop their self-esteem and confidence to perform in front of a crowd

Furthermore, you can choose from a number of locations that are convenient to you, and there are private lessons available from Monday to Thursday, as well as every Saturday. Vocalists are given the opportunity to choose a music genre that they prefer such as classical, jazz, rock or pop. There are also low-pressure public performances or recitals offered to learners, so they will be able to develop their confidence and take pride in their achievement.

The Singers Workshop

Those who want to pursue a career as a pop artist should check out The Singers Workshop managed by Lis Lewis. This renowned voice teacher inspires a number of today’s pop recording artists including Colbie Caillat, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Britney Spears. As another one of the best vocal lessons in Los Angeles, The Singers Workshop ensures learners of these excellent benefits:

  • Sing on key and stay on pitch
  • Learn how to breathe properly or control their breathing while singing
  • Improve their ability to sing songs from their chosen music genre

The Singers Workshop also offers private or in-home lessons where lessons are recorded and presented to a study CD. Among the topics included in the lessons are pitch and tone, range, tension release and breath control. Singing lessons may also be conducted online via Skype.

Micah ProVocals (Online Voice Lessons)

Amateur or professional vocalists who are have a tight schedule and cannot attend in-person voice lessons in Los Angeles may opt for online singing lessons for greater convenience. At Micah ProVocals, students can improve their vocal talents by attending online voice lessons provided via Skype. Some of the key benefits offered in this vocal program include the following:

  • Experience the convenience of taking up vocal lessons online
  • Choose their preferred schedule of lessons
  • Learn valuable techniques on how to sing on key, as taught by a professional vocal coach

These lessons can help improve your range, endurance, and ability to cover songs or sing originals. Among the technical requirements necessary for online vocal lessons include high-speed internet connection (broadband or DSL), web cam, mic, and Skype software.

Dots Voice Studios (Online Vocal Program)

Dot Todman, a professional voice teacher with a degree in Theatre Arts Education and Psychology, as well as a triple degree in Music, is a certified music teacher that offers online vocal lessons to amateur and professional singers. She has designed a unique strategy in vocal training called the CORE vocal power, which enables learners to develop their vocals while overcoming challenges and promoting self-awareness. Among the key benefits of this program include these:

  • Sing confidently even when in public
  • Master various singing techniques through one-on-one online instructions
  • Have an audio or video copy of all the voice lessons conducted through phone or Skype

Upon purchasing and completing the initial session via phone, Dot will provide a customized vocal plan that suits your needs, and you may attend classes via Skype or phone. Additionally, you may choose your preferred schedule, and request your Skype or phone lessons to be recorded and emailed to you as mp3 or video file (free of charge).

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vocalist, these recommended vocal lessons in Los Angeles are excellent options for you to improve your talents and pursue a career in the music industry.

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