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Top 5 of the Best Vocal Lessons in NYC

Are you a beginning singer or an experienced performer in New York City looking for a vocal coach to improve your voice? When choosing a vocal coach singers need to consider four factors. First, a great vocal coach knows the science behind vocal production. In short, a vocal coach needs to know how to train and develop the elements of each client’s voice. The techniques that worked for one person are not the same that will work for another. Second, a quality vocal coach needs to have been professional trained through education and practice. Third, before choosing a vocal coach, make sure that their credentials are accurate by asking to speak to client referrals or researching his or her background. Fourth, the best vocal coaches do more than just provide coaching as they provide opportunities for your voice to be heard through auditions and performances.

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vocal lessons nycIf you want to live your dreams of developing your vocal talents, then the following recommended vocal lessons in NYC are sure to meet your needs.

New York Vocal Coaching

With two locations in the heart of New York City, this company offers the ideal of convenience and experience for potential students. As one of the best vocal lessons in NYC founded and run by the renowned Justin Stoney, the New York Vocal Coaching has been a sought after institution for many celebrity singers. Unlike many other vocal programs that only train classical or traditional singers, New York Vocal Coaching specializes in pop/rock, R&B, and contemporary music. The coaches understand that no two voices are identical and customize each lesson plan to their individual students. New York Vocal Coaching uses a sliding scale pricing system for a one hour vocal lesson from $70-$150. However, scheduling an appointment is difficult and there is a waiting list. Listed below are the program highlights:

  • Lessons are taught in a professional studio with the best equipment
  • All lessons are recorded for students to take home and practice with
  • Students can opt to purchase lessons in bulk for a discounted price

New York City Vocal Studio

The teaching philosophy is to begin at the basics by focusing on breathing, resonance and pitch. Each instructor at the studio is trained to teach top-down signing by finding the perfect sounding voice at a high note and then carrying that technique to lower notes. While New York City Vocal Studio works with singers of all musical genres the instructors do have more experience in Broadway singing than in contemporary music. Consequently, non-theatre vocalists may not receive the same level of expertise as a vocal studio that focuses on many different genres. Prices are more competitive than those at the New York Vocal Coaching Company as a 1-hour voice lesson is a flat $80. Here are some of the best features of the New York City Vocal Studio:

  • Convenient location in the heart of NYC
  • Offers a student the opportunity to Skype with instructors after their weekly lesson has been concluded
  • Students can purchase a package of lessons to save money

The Voice Academy of New York City

At the Voice Academy of New York City both of the instructors are committed to developing each student’s pitch, breath control, and voice placement. Most importantly, the vocal teachers have had extensive vocal training from around the world. As an example, the founder of the Academy Kat Karlson studied in Sweden and New York City before opening a studio where she has trained artists like Usher, Ne-yo, Shakira, Alicia Keys and more. The rate for a one-hour private lesson is $80.00 and discounts are available for bulk lesson packages. It is important to note that the program is tailored for beginner singers and therefore, advanced singers may prefer going with a vocal studio designed for experienced performers. As yet another one of the best vocal lessons in NYC, this program is full of features like:

  • Students receive a CD recording of their lesson to practice with at home
  • Students are encouraged to call, email, or Skype their instructor for tips after the lesson
  • Students can opt to participate in less expensive group lessons

Total Singer Support

Founded by Ruth Levy, Total Singer Support works with women ages 18+. Ruth Levy is a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, pianist, and recording artist. Therefore, she has the necessary experience and knowledge to train artists at all levels and in many different facets of singing. Ruth focuses her coaching on artist development, mindset coaching, and vocal technique. Additionally, Ruth is trained in Speech Level Singing that is practiced by many singing legends including Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Christina. Those wanting to study under Ruth must go through a lengthy application process. Listed below are some of the features and benefits associated with Total Singer Support:

  • All students are encouraged to perform at different venues in the city
  • Ruth only works with women who are 18+
  • Accepted students receive up to four private coaching sessions per month for five months


Singers who do not have the time or ability to travel to a studio for a voice lesson can take advantage of online lessons with Stephen J. Childs. Each lesson includes a 15-30 minute instructional video that can be viewed on the computer. Users will receive audio downloads containing exercises that can be placed directly on your computer to be accessed at any time. At the end of every month, users can submit a video of themselves singing to receive feedback from the instructors. Furthermore, the instructors can be reached via Skype for individualized coaching lessons. One positive feature of online lessons is that they are a low-cost option for singers on a budget; however, the program is very impersonal. The featured highlights of the program are listed below:

  • Website has a limited time promotion offering a free lesson for interested students
  • For a limited time, people can receive a free lesson prior to purchasing any additional sessions
  • For 49.95 singers can receive access to 26 lessons for a one-year period

If you are looking to take your voice to the next level, these recommended vocal lessons in NYC offer you the opportunity to do so. If singing is your passion take your voice to the next level by investing in a vocal coach.

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