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5 Quirky Singing Tips To Help You Sing Like a Pro At Work (And Not Get Fired By Your Boss)

Have you buried your singing talent under a pile of degrees and diplomas you earned in college? Do you slave away in your 10 by 10 cubicle feeling stressed, deprived and de-motivated every week? You aren’t alone.

When Forbes reported in 2009 that a whopping 56% of all the employees around the globe are unproductive due to lack of enthusiasm at work, the corporate moguls finally sat up and took notice. Today, you have work places with swimming pools, tennis courts, skating rinks, and cafeterias catering to their employees. For those with musical talent and passion, there are singing lounges and acoustic halls provided too. Today, employees of most major companies like Dell, Amgen, and Infotech are literally “singing from the same song sheets”.

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If you feel like exploring your music talent at work but lack the confidence, browse through our singing tips below, bookmark the ones you’d like to try immediately and have a blast – with your boss!

Tip #1: Don’t Fear Embarrassment

singing tipsOh, come on. Everybody on Earth can sing – just that some people have exceptionally talented vocal chords and so, are featured on TV. Arrange an impromptu singing session at the local cafeteria with your Department (make sure your boss is part of the fun), and you’ll be surprised to hear many of your co-workers croon in abysmal tones.

People fumble with words, get the harmony and melody mixed up, and sometimes, sing a song completely out of tune. But as long as it evokes cheer and joy, no one really bothers. You shouldn’t too. This is the first one of our singing tips.

Tip #2: Karaoke Is Cool

Second one of our singing tips? Do the Karaoke when in doubt! If you are a newbie, try sing Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”, Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young”, and Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me” amongst several others. If you are an expert at the genre, you may want to club country classics, rock and roll, jazz, and TV theme anthems with Karaoke and give your co-workers something unique they’ll love and look forward to.

Of course, being an inexperienced singer (read: someone who just sings with no practice) will invite smirks and a lot of booing, particularly if you are the boss. Practice your act at home, in the restroom, with your pets, so you don’t have to bleed dry on the stage with your office mates watching you.

Tip #3: Know Your Audience

Take time out to know what your office folk have been listening to. Keep track of the latest chartbusters and know which ones from the 80’s are still in demand. This way you’ll sing something your audience would be interested in. If your co-workers love jazz, try blending your music style into what suits jazz or pick a jazz number you like.

On the other hand, if you decide to sing “A Long December” in the middle of a boisterous party, you cannot really complain if your office folk suddenly decide to take cigarette breaks or begin surfing on their tablets. Moreover, you’re likely to be accused of ruining the mood and stand chances of being uninvited to musical nights in the future.

Tip #4: If You Can’t Sing It, Fake It

This is probably the quirkiest one of our singing tips. Sometimes, you just can’t sing – although you’ve spent weeks picking the perfect song and practicing it over and over. What do you do then? Do you whine and give up? No! Instead, you gather confidence, develop (false) bravado and drama and give a rollicking performance on stage.

Put on bright red lipstick. Jump around. Close your eyes. Hold your mile in one hand and break into jigs on stage. Be oblivious to the rest of the world. Believe that you are the “best” and your co-workers would be surprised (and elated) that you have so much singing talent! You’d be the rock star of your office – without skills. Isn’t that really good?

Tip #5: Don’t Be A Jerk

Your co-workers probably have the same apprehensions as you do, when it comes to singing solo and/or performing live. Hence, if you are the one in charge of the music party, make sure everyone feels comfortable. Realize that there are sloppy singers in your office and cheer for them. Also, appreciate genuine talent when you find them. Your account Jim may have the makings of a Steve Tyler. Tell him that and he’ll give every ounce of his effort to do better at your parties. People love to be complimented, and how!

More importantly, mind your manners. Don’t chat louder than the one who’s singing. Don’t give the receptionist rude looks (or condescending smiles) when she dares sing “My Heart Will Go On” in her squeaky voice. Be nice to everyone and enjoy the night.

You are sure to have a lot of fun putting up music nights in your office. You can also have jamming sessions at noon to motivate people around you. Put these singing tips into action and rediscover your passion for singing at work.

Do you have more tips to share? We’d love a few of your own singing tips for the novice at work!

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