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How To Sing Well: 6 Simple Tips For “Bad Singers”

Many people like to sing especially on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and other holiday parties and reunions. However, not all of us are confident with our singing voices. If you happen to be one of those who are asking themselves how to sing well, then fortunately, there are lots of ways on how our bad voices become good ones. Here are six simple tips for “bad singers”.

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1. Say Goodbye To Negativity

how to sing wellEither you are singing for a small group or a large audience, it is always best to have good confidence. This is actually the most important “secret” for how to sing well. Being confident does not only boost your esteem but it would make you look good with the audience. When you are so conscious of how you look, whether you crack on a high note or not or what the audience would think, you will lose your focus thus leading to stage fright. When your mind is full of fear and anxiety, your body will respond to those feelings. Clear your mind of negative thoughts. Stand tall and be proud for this is your moment to shine.

2. Singing Voice vs Speaking Voice

A singing voice has a higher pitch compared to a speaking voice. When singing, learn to sing without your speaking voice. This is done by learning the proper breathing mechanism in producing a sound. A friend of mine who is a voice teacher advised that in singing, the voice should be coming from the diaphragm and not from the throat. Singing from the voice will eventually make your voice crack especially in high notes. Practice breathing exercises. Inhale from the nose and push the stomach out. These exercises may be a bit absurd but these are really good for your singing voice.

Another important thing to consider, if you want to learn how to sing well, is the tone of your voice. This may not be important in choral singing since your voice needs to blend; but when you sing solo, having a different tone is important. It will not sound good if your tone is the same throughout the entire song. Your tone makes you unique from everyone else.

3. Sign Up For Voice Lessons

There is no age limit when it comes to singing good. Whether you are young or old, you can enroll in voice lessons. My music teacher told me one that having voice lessons will not lead you to be a singing superstar (unless that is your ultimate dream!). Having voice lessons will enhance your voice and will help you breath properly. Voice classes will teach you the basics of singing such as tone, pitch, phrasing and vowel placements. Learning these basics will make you more confident of yourself and your voice. These lessons will surely help you develop your singing voice.

4. Passion

What good is your singing when you do not have the passion for it? I see many artists who have very good voices but sings blandly in a show. There is no emotion or feeling on what they are singing. Music, as they say, is an expression of the soul. Feel the song and let that feeling radiate through singing. Feel the lyrics of the song and let your emotion flow. Having passion through singing will help you connect with the audience.

5. Say The Words

There are other singers who would “eat the words”, meaning the audience do not understand the lyrics because the singer is not pronouncing it properly. How can one feel the song when we do not understand the lyrics? Make sure when singing, pronounce the words well like you are speaking or talking. Phrasing is also important in understanding what the song is about. In reading, we stop at a point or pause in a comma. It is more or less the same in singing. Therefore, sing the words for how they are meant to be sung is yet another secret for how to sing well.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

When you have learned the basics of singing, always make sure to practice. A lot of good singers developed their singing voice through constant practice. Be consistent in what you have learned. Also, remember to learn from your mistakes. Mistakes should not be detrimental to your singing. Turn them into positive things rather than negative. Lastly, never think of pleasing everyone. If you do, you get conscious and may lose focus.

Now that you have learned how to sing well with the six simple tips for “bad singers”, you are now ready to be in the spotlight and shine. Your moment is on.

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